From the data gathered from project activities, outputs and desk research, previous experiences, partners draw the “Policy recommendations (IO4)”. The IO4 aims to address decision-makers at local, regional, national and European level, to provide guidance about what needs to be done in the field of youth minority human rights as well as to prepare supportive conditions for the involvement of always more youth workers in such field and so raise the impact of their work.

The Policy recommendations includes: a) overview of schemes and policies (or equivalent initiatives) related to minority human rights currently under development or implemented in Europe and in each project partner country; b) proposals to move from theory to practice; c) policy recommendations;  d) a roadmap for the future targeted to all relevant stakeholders’ levels: – policy making levels (local, regional and national), – youth institutions and youth workers, – EU Commission and other EU consultive bodies.

The IO4 is available in English and all partner languages (Spanish, Bulgarian, Estonian, Italian). Enjoy reading!

English Version

Bulgarian version

Estonian version

Spanish version

Italian version