Final conference in Estonia

The activities of the TRIYR project are coming to an end. In 20 months, we have been collecting and preparing an online MOODLE platform with our partners, where you can find a lot of necessary study materials. The Training Manual and Policy recommendations have also been completed. 

On 23rd of January 2022, we organized the final conference of the project in Pärnu. Project manager Uudo Laane introduced the life map of the entire project to the gathered interested parties. More than forty people from different organizations in Pärnu were present. The Sunday morning conference lasted almost 4 hours and the presentation ended with a Jeopardy game. 

A representative of our organization created a fun, entertaining game that gave a good overview of the participants’ attention.

At the end, the project manager answered many questions, shared a link to the project’s website address and also spoke briefly about future projects.